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Enable energy transition by providing the most affordable energy storage solutions.

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Shapes    Sustainability for the future.


Explore Our Cutting-Edge Products.

Unleash innovation with PRIME BATTERIES. Explore our cutting-edge products—powering homes, industries, and sustainable transportation. Welcome to the future of energy.


Stationary applications, from home storage sized
BESSs to grid-sized BESSs


Electric machinery, forklifts, robots, charging stations,
mobile power, UPS

Electric Vehicles

Li-Ion Battery Packs for your Electric Vehicles.

Marine Solutions

Battery packs for electric and hybrid boats. 

Enjoy Your Benefits

Efficiency and Support

Experience shorter delivery times compared to non-European competitors, ensuring you receive our cutting-edge solutions promptly

24 Hour Engineering Support

Our dedicated engineering support, within the EU area, is available round the clock. Count on us for assistance whenever you need it

European Regulations Compliance

Rest easy knowing that our products conform to European regulations, ensuring reliability, safety, and seamless integration with European grid codes.

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Online Control

High Power and High Energy, Optimal Temperature Control and Safety

Modularity and Scalability

PRIME Batteries can be customized to meet various technical needs.

Our Own Technological Symphony.

In-House Technology

At the core of our energy storage solutions lies the brilliance of our in-house software and technology. Every line of code and every piece of technology is tailored to meet the highest standards of excellence.

Explore Our Products

Enjoy limitless energy.

Utilizing Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Cell, our systems are rigorously tested and certified for safety and reliability.

Energy Storage for all capacities and sizes.

All in one energy storage solutions. Endless use-cases from home applications to Grid-Sized BESS

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Shapes    Sustainability for the future.

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